Class Descriptions
Gentle Yoga/ Yoga Stretch—a slow and steady practice that focuses on
restoring natural movement. Gain flexibility, strength and balance. Suitable for
all levels of practice and fitness.

Multi-level (All-level) Yoga—a hatha yoga based practice that works on
alignment, flexibility and focus. Suitable for all levels of practice and fitness.

Go Flow—a vinyasa (flow) style of movement that incorporates movement with
breath. This practice can be challenging as we work on advancing your practice
through flexibility and strength training through the classical science of yoga.  
Suitable for the basically fit with some knowledge of yoga poses.

Slow Flow—Slow Flow applies the same principles as Go flow, only at a more
relaxed pace. You will learn new poses and breathwork to prepare you for Go
Flow. Suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner.

Your Practice—This is a minimally directed practice. You will be given very
basic cues and then left to your own pace and practice. Physical adjustments will
be given. This class allows you to develop a home practice, experience the silence
that yoga offers as well as move through a flowing vinyasa that trains flexibility
and strength.  Yoga knowledge is preferred.

Kundalini Yoga—This is a very unique practice. We work with repetitive
movements aligned with specific breath patterns to clear up and work on not
only the physical body, but the subtle bodies as well. Kundalini yoga uses mantra,
mudra and meditation to enhance this spiritual experience. Suitable for all levels.

Kick Asana—the name says it all. Be prepared for an intense flow style class the
builds strength and stamina. We will work on arm balances and inversions. This
class is for power yogis looking to shake up the “routine”. Yoga knowledge and a
healthy practice is preferred.

Active Restore—this is a slower paced class designed to specifically rehab
physical issues. We will work intelligently through strength and flexibility
training specifically for the issues present. Followed with a restorative style

YogaQi Fusion--A combination of gentle yoga poses that seamlessly flow into a
restorative Qigong sequence bringing your mind to stillness in preparation for
final savasana with Tibetan & crystal bowl meditation. Gentle enough for
beginners, with "Challenge" poses for more advanced students
All styles are available as private lessons.
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