Our Teachers
Jamie Shane E.R.Y.T.

Jamie Shane is the owner- operator of Bija.  "Bija" is the seed
sound of the Universe. It is the seed, or the place from which
all things come. I find that yoga is just such a seed, and we
encourage it to grow here in whatever shape or form it takes.
My own call to teach came in 2002 when I went to learn from
Guruji Yogi Hari at his ashram in Miramar, Florida.  Since then
I have studied various styles and disciplines, developing a
large vocabulary of poses, incorporating them into my
teaching as I go.  I recently added
Thai Yoga to my lexicon and
have found it to be an invaluable tool in helping others.

My style is smooth, deep and varied. As my students like to
say, "You never know what poses you are going to get!"

Yoga teacher training and yoga immersion begins January
Kathy Ruch C.Y.T.

Kathy originates from the Big Apple where she minored in
Physical Education and majored in Fashion Merchandising.
" I am a person who deeply believes that if you want to feel good
as you age, you have to devote some time and energy in that
pursuit.   Growing old does not mean that you have to lose
Yoga Stretch is designed for all bodies and any age. You can start
at 25 or 65 and receive a gentle workout designed to give all
muscle groups a great stretch.  
Kathy is proud to be member of the Bija staff and even prouder to
Jamie Shane's mother.

Albert Kleiner C.Y.T.

Albert has a long and distinguished Yoga practice, based on the
classical yoga traditions of India.  He has studied with Swamis
Vishnu Devananda & Satchidananda, Ramurti Mishra, Md and
Amrit Desai. He received his certification to teach Yoga from
the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in 1969. He is also
nationally certified and licensed in massage and movement
therapies.  Albert’s class, suitable for beginner and intermediate
students, incorporates classical postures  with prepatory
stretches to balance our Western Lifestyle and achieve holistic
health and well-being.

Gigi Felicetta C.Y.T
East-West Therapy

"The gift of healing allows the healer to give"
"My joy is spiritual and physical connection. My gift is to heal
through that connection"

In the last 15 years, teaching yoga and leading yoga retreats has
been an integral part of Gigi's self discovery and personal
growth. Her teaching certificates are from the San Diego School
of Yoga & Meditation studying under Yogiraj Behramji and the
White Lotus Foundation studying with Ganga White and Tracy
Rich. Gigi's style of teaching is Hatha with emphasis on body
alignment, Vinyassa flow, and Pranayama. Also, Gigi has studied
in China and Thailand and offers various forms of
therapy including Thai Massage, Acupuncture,
Acupressure/Tui-na and Chinese Herbs.

DamaDe' Amanbir Kaur, CYT, CKYT

DamaDe’ has consciously traveled along a creative and rich path
of inner healing since 1990.

During her years at a University near Los Angeles, CA she
studied hatha yoga with two austere instructors, one of whom
introduced her to one of her beloved teachers to date, Swami
Veda Bharati. She became an initiate of the Himalayan Tradition
in 1998 which launched her passionate career as a yoga
instructor. In 2003, she immersed herself in the tradition at the
Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in
Honesdale, PA with amazing instructors like Pandit Rajmani
Tagunait, Rolf Sovik, and Sandy Anderson to name a few.

Returning to Southwest FL, DamaDe’ has stayed put teaching
yoga science in a multitude of venues. As a humble student, she
had continued to study with the following guides of today:
Gurumukh, Tias Little, David & Doug Swenson, Ravi Singh &
Ana, Aadil, Leonard Perlmutter, Duncan Wong, Rod Stryker,
Thich Nhat Hanh, Caroline Myss and Ram Das.

In August 2008, she delved deeply into the Teachers’
Immersion Program at the Kundalini Research Institute in
Espanola, NM and is a member of IKYTA, the International
Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. She is currently based in
Naples, FL teaching group classes, international retreats, and
private individual and corporate retreats.

Margaret Trezza (Amrit Kaur) is KRI certified and a member
of IKYTA. A practitioner of Kundalini Yoga as taught by
Yogi Bhajan for over 20 years, Margaret received her
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation training over a decade ago at
the Baba Siri Chand Yoga Center in Millis, MA. Margaret
holds certifications in Reiki, Childplay Yoga and Yoga Nidra.
Margaret has an empathic and compassionate understanding
of the heart. She radiates warmth, enthusiasm and an
engaging energy.

Her teachers have included Hari Kaur Khalsa, Gurmukh
Kaur Khalsa, Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Gurudass Kaur
Khalsa, Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, Myra Partyka, Willi
Tetelbaum, and Jennifer Reis. Possessing a background in
ballroom dance, aerobics instruction, voice and piano study,
and choir singing, Margaret feels right at home teaching the
transformational power of meditation and yoga through
music and sound. Her debut CD is Sat Nam~Meditation and

Susanna Tocco, CYT, LMT

Susanna has a along and varied history with the
healing arts. From the commencement of her
journey in 1994 to the present day, she has long
sought to understand the world around her
through spiritualism. Her current Certifications

  Ordained Minister
  Massage Therapy LMT # MA40441
  Skin Care # FB9730809
  Light & Sound Healing

She is also the owner of Anahata Metaphysical
center in Naples.